Diseases are the most dangerous enemy of human life. Humans learn about the system of a body to cure the infected one by a treatment known to them, doctors. There are some diseases in the world that spread from one to another even in doctors when they are infected who quire the patients? As we know science provides every solution so this time they introduce the idea of a drone delivery system that is superbly implemented in Arica. This medical delivery drone robot name is “ARONE.”


Arone is a brilliant effort in the region of Africa and in the world of technology. Arone is a helping drone robot; it provides all medical equipment in the red zone ward of patients where normal delivery manners are harmful and dangerous for the delivery person. It saves the humans’ life by helping the medical sector to quire infected patients. Arone is a robot so absolutely it is faster than other land vehicles and humans too. It delivered the products such as drugs, medical equipment, and much other recourse of patients. It saves too much time as compare to land delivery manners. It delivered drugs on time which become reasons for saving someone’s life because even 1 or 2 seconds of waste of time may become reasons for someone’s death.


Arone is a Nigerian startup that helps humanity in the medical sector by providing their fast services to the hospitals, labs, and other wards of patients. It system developed on artificial intelligence (AI). In other words, it is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). It is a great way to put the revolution in the science and technology sector of Africa. It’s a great step in the world of science and technology.


In these days, when the world is suffering from the pandemic coronavirus. It is the best time to use this technology to fulfill the needs of the patients of COVID-19. It is the good news for Africa’s citizens; they developed this technology before this hard time of coronavirus. They use this drone robot at this time when doctors can’t able to treat patients as the normally treats.


These robots which help human beings. They also take apart to reduce pollution from the air because they are fuel-free machines. The polluted smoke in the air is one of the reasons for damages in the ozone layer which become a cause of newborn diseases.

Conclusively; Arone is a drone robot in Nigeria. It provides services to the medical sector of Africa to save the people from spreading of diseases. It provides services faster than land vehicles. It is a great step in the world of technology for Africa. World should appreciate this efforts of Africa. It is the motivation for other countries which are under development or third world countries of the world.


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