In this consumer electronic show, CES 2020 Samsung launched a ball robot called Samsung Ballie. This is a ball-shaped human-centric robot and Eco friendly too. Through this robot, we are able to know the unknown happenings in our home.

Samsung is one of the most popular companies for mobiles, smart TV and other electronic gadgets. Now, Samsung is moving towards artificial intelligence A.I as the whole world is moving towards it. Maybe after a few years, all gadgets will be made upon A.I.


Samsung ball robot which programmed in A.I to understand the commands of human beings and act upon them. It is a tennis ball-shaped robot which is used to track your activities in your house. It is able to wake you up by controlling the alarm clock and your smart TV. This ball robot of Samsung has the ability to capture some special commands. Ballie ball robot is like a personal assistant of the house who manages the smart things. It is able to recognize the family members and your pets too. It is also like a pet you can talk to, it is able to play with your pets. This tiny ball has a camera and makes your home visible to you when you are away from it by using your mobile app. It is a home protective robot.


Samsung U.S newsroom tweet’s about the Samsung ballie, a ball robot,

they said it is a human-centric vision of robots. It is a personal care robot. This robot is made to take care of humans and their needs. They further said artificial intelligence AI takes personalized care to the next level. If they use A.I in the gadgets of personal care so maybe the results will be very cool, unique and useful too.


On 6 January 2020 consumer electronics show CES was held in Las Vegas, in which so many companies introduced their new gadgets. Here Samsung launched its personalized care ballie ball robot and it may also play its role as a security gadget by providing you video of the house by means of a camera. You can see any sight of your home, ballie ball reached the location you want to see by rolling. It is fully protected and has strong privacy.


I like this invention because it is an A.I gadget made to ease life and take care of you and your needs. The coolest part is that this ball-sized robot follows your commands and is able to recognize the family members, it’s because of AI. It moves here and thereby rolling. Samsung ballie robot is a ball-shaped tiny robot and having the size of tennis ball.


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