Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, now trying to save America from any upcoming civil war. which may ruin the unity and economy of the country. Facebook did this socially through their site (Facebook).


Facebook deactivates nearly 200 accounts that link and promote hatred through social groups. Facebook did this because these accounts are leading the groups and pages which promote hatred among the people and push them emotionally to go in protest by means of social groups and pages.

According to the report of the press, there are two groups names that come in front which link these hate groups and pages. There they are, the Proud Boys and the American Guard.

The groups promote hatred on the matter of Black Lives Matter. The most trendy thing happened in America due to this there are rallies all over the country even out of the country too. This started after the Police encountered the unarmed black men George Floyd in the protest. This incident happened in Minneapolis. After this incident citizens have a hate fire in their hearts against their own Police. These groups also performed a major role to emphasize the people did violence against the action of the Police. The Police officer who performed that hilarious task, Derek Chauvin has been charged for his actions under the light of laws.

Facebook started monitoring these accounts who asked people to come to the protest and act the role of violent people for the cause of their demands. These types of groups and pages are removed from the search result of Facebook. Facebook said that the counting of these types of hate groups and pages was raised very quickly. There is one term highlighted “boogaloo” which refers to the people who started a civil war.

The government tries to solve this problem and chills its civilians on George Floyd’s matter but the public is very aggressive due to which the army is now deployed to their cities. Facebook performed its duty to maintain the peace by deactivating these types of accounts which are nearly 200.

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