Facebook has always been an important part of our social life. I had grown up using Facebook, since its inception 16 years ago, and this week Facebook released a new and better version of itself.

This week’s highlight is the new Facebook.com. As per the announcement in F8 2019, the new version of Facebook is faster and easier with Dark mode to give your eyes a break.

F8 is an annual Facebook conference held by the company itself. Its purpose is to bring around entrepreneurs and developers who build products and services around the website.

In f8 2019, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook promised a more privacy-focused social platform.
He said, ”The future is private”, and further stated that the new products of Facebook will be composed on the basis of six principles; Private interaction, Encryptions, Reduced permanence, Safety, Interoperability, and Secure data storage.

Zuckerberg had started to build the new services around these ideas over the next few years.

The Facebook redesign had been in progress for quite some time, and after months of testing, Facebook’s redesign is now finally official. Back in March, the company added an option for trial and error of the new version. Users could switch back and give feedback for why they had done chosen to do so. This week the redesign becomes official, and until you get the new version, there’s always an option to update it manually.

This Year we are gifted with Facebook redesign 2020, whose most desirable feature is the Dark mode of Facebook. The new Facebook.com is an improved version for the desktop users, whose features include:

  • New streamline navigation: videos, games, and Groups, and the home page and page transitions will load faster than ever. It is now easier to find and load things.
  • Dark mode: now reduce your glares with the dark mode version. The new layout is not just only going to help you with your eyes but would also make videos and images more vibrant, and fancy, and will hopefully make it a fun experience.
  • Ease of managing: now you can easily manage pages, groups, and events on your desktop. The new version offers previews of each, so you know how it is going to look like before you publish it.

Since the company is still hoping to receive user feedback, you can send yours via the settings menu. Let us hope that this new version pleases the users as the company had hoped, but it doesn’t then don’t be afraid to voice it out.

Facebook F8 2020 could not be celebrated as per the custom because of COVID-19.

Therefore, CEO Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and other Facebook leaders will do a series of updates throughout the year to share what they are going to be working on to help people connect from all around.

About 3 weeks ago, Zuckerberg went live on Facebook, explaining the importance of working from home and differentiating between Video Calling, Video Rooms, and Live Video. He further went on, updating us on Video Presence, within our Facebook AppMessengerInstagram, and WhatsApp apps.


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