While we are living in the era, where numerous startup have been launched but few of them can able
get public attention.

Pakistan’s first shopping search engine had launched at this time of corona crisis to guide the
people to took a right selection of product for their online shopping named “SHOPPINGUM”.

In Pakistan, people are not properly comfortable to online shopping due to spam and too much
pricing of products. As nearly whole world is under the crisis of corona pandemic. people are not able to
get their resources from the market and stores due to lockdown enforced by government in all over the
country so, all attention is directly divert to the online shopping system. This is little hard and confused
time for people of Pakistan to believe blindly on shopping stores but SHOPPINGUM is ready to solve your
problems by introducing Pakistan’s first shopping search engine with live product tracking feature.

This SHOPPINGUM search engine is developed by two graduates of GIKI University. , Muhammad Bilal Jamil, who dreamed about this site and now,Founder & C.E.O of SHOPPINGUM and Syed Ali Abbas Haider, who is the Co-founder and Marketing executive in the Company.


SHOPPINGUM is connected with more than 200 shopping stores sites of Pakistan. This website helps you to select right product from right website according to your budget. When you search a product on SHOPPINGUM it shows you a result from different shopping websites or stores. It has an ability to compare the products that you search; from it results from different websites or store. It compare same product from different online stores or shopping websites and compare their prices and make you to choice easily and performed online shopping in comfortable
mood and save you from over pricing of products. This shopping search engine has more than 3 million
products data. This websites absolutely changed the image and thinking about online shopping in


Pakistan’s first shopping search engine, SHOPPINGUM. This website introduced a live product tracking
feature in Pakistan. SHOPPINGUM is the website which made enough effort to put people’s believe on
online shopping and realize them online shopping is safe. Spam and black collar activities happened
everywhere same in Pakistan’s online world also have little bit these activities but SHOPPINGUM is ready
to save you from these spams. Through the live tracking feature of products you can able to know, In
how much time your product or order is able to reached you.


SHOPPINGUM is ready to clear your all objections about online shopping in Pakistan. SHOPPINGUM killed
all objections among Pakistanis about online shopping by introducing its unique features. It helps to
spread awareness about online shopping in Pakistan. This is the most useful time to use this search
engine because lockdown is enforce in all our the country. Eid-ul-fitr is an festival of all Muslims, it is celebrated
in all over the world. It comes after the holy month of Ramadan people wears new clothes on this
occasion it is very near to us so now SHOPPINGUM make all possibilities to provide comfort in online
shopping and save us from all spams.

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