A home security autonomous drone system is launched by the sunflower lab in CES 2020. This CES 2020 show was held in Las Vegas, here’s home security drone system is released by the drone company sunflower lab.

This autonomous drone system is launched due to uncertain activities observed in the home due to which people got afraid of thieves. This system is perfect for those who have some garden area in front or some space in the backyard of the house, through this system they may be able to reach all uncertain activities in their house.


This drone system consists of sensors, cameras, and too many chips. This system is based on robotics, autonomy, and machine learning. It is a waterproof system and able to work in all weathers.

It is available for a pre-order with a deposit of $999. The base price for the system is $9,995. May you also meet some different prices on other websites based on the customization of the sunflower sensor array.


This autonomous drone system was released a few months before the CES (consumer electronics show) show of 2020. The founder and CEO of sunflower labs Alex Pachikov released this autonomous drone home security system based on all modern technologies. The whole system is weatherproof and able to secure your house with all features in all types of weather. It is not very huge or needs a big space to place it; you can place it in the corner of your garden or even in the center. It is just like a small side table.

According to the founder and CEO of sunflower, we are mostly cheaper, he said this because if someone wants to analyze the activities of his house so he should install so many cameras in all over the house and buy a system to manage these cameras which cost so much. Sunflower lab’s autonomous drone system is cheaper as compared to that process.


This system makes you able to get fully informed with the activities of your house. This autonomous drone system for home security is based on three set of components which are as under:

Sunflowers: This is the first component of this system. It is just like a security person (sunflower) disguised in a garden and able to monitor all activities on the location. It was manufactured with sensors and able to recognize the humans, animals, and things of the location. You should place it in a garden or in the array of sunflower pots, put in front of the main gate.

Bees: It is a bee shape drone and light-weighted too like a bee. It makes all possible efforts to get to your home from all dangers. It consists of autonomous flight systems. Through this BEE drone you are able to see the live streaming from a certain height at which drone paused in the air. This drone is able to survive in all weather and protect you through its features. This drone is able to make its landing smoothly at any time. You can deploy it through your mobile app.

Hive: it is a control station for the overall system. It protects the drone and charges it too. It is the brain or mother of the overall system. It is processed by the NVIDIA JETSON TX2 processor. It is a high-speed processor that manages and analyzes all the systems. As a bee drone it is also able to survive in all weather.


It is a good system for security purposes. It is a fully autonomous system based on a set of components. If you have a house having a garden in front and some space on back so it is best to analyze all activities on your location.


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