Zoom admits Data routed through China

Zoom is one of the most used apps in the time of global pandemic when businesses, institutes, multinational companies, governments, schools, and even individuals required a platform where they can connect to each other online.

However, as the popularity of the app increased it brought along a few controversies. Recently, there were allegations made that zoom is not an American company but a Chinese company, as the video calling app had a Chinese link.

Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan, denied the allegation via a blog post that stated,

Recently, questions have also been raised about Zoom and China. At first, this seemed to stem from a temporary misconfiguration in our global data center routing that we fixed. But outside that isolated incident, in the past few weeks, we have seen disheartening rumors and misinformation cropping up

He further wrote about his history of being an American citizen since 2007 and being living in the country since 1997.

He also stated that Zoom is an American company, and like many other multinational companies, it has offices and employees in china, and these companies are branches of the US parent company.

Yuan supported this by stating, “Our engineers are employed through these subsidiaries. We don’t hide this. On the contrary, we disclose this type of information in our public filings, as appropriate. Our operations in China are materially like our U.S. peers who also operate and have employees there.”

Although the honesty of CEO, Eric Yuan is touching, the company had lied about its increased users, especially in the time of increasing, “Zoom bombing.”. Zoom acknowledged that it does not have more than 300 million daily active users, as it claimed earlier, by saying that the use of “users” and “people” was an oversight. Zoom has been in a continuous controversy regarding its security issues.

One of the gruesome tales of zoom bombing would be in Plymouth in southwest England. When a hacker streamed child sex abuse footage with 60 children participating in fitness class over video meet app Zoom.

Prestigious companies like Google, SpaceX, and Standard Chartered, and smart communications banned their employees from using Zoom. Government agencies like NASA, the Australian Defense Force, the German Foreign Ministry, and the United States Senate have also banned their members from using Zoom.

Zoom retaliated to these glitches in security by following up on a 90-Day plan. According to new updates, Zoom hits milestone on 90-day security plan and releases Zoom 5.0.

After the succession of the 90-day plan, the new features of the zoom 5.0 entails AES 256-bit GCM encryption, which will make the meetings more secure.  On the user screen, an encryption shield would appear on the upper left corner of your zoom video.

On May 30, 2020, these new features would be available to zoom clients using version 5.0. Furthermore, in this new version, anyone who will misuse the zoom platform in a meeting would be reported to Zoom’s Trust & Safety team for review by the meetings host or co-host.


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